Do you qualify for a grant for your new boiler installation?

In 2009 and 2010 the boiler scrappage scheme was launched to help people replace their old boilers with the help of a government grant. This scheme has now closed. However, the Warmfront scheme helps certain people qualify for a basic 300 off any quotation we provide. You could be entitled to much more...


Warm Front makes homes warmer, healthier and more energy-efficient. The Warm Front Scheme provides a package of insulation and heating improvements up to the value of 3,500 (or 6,000 where oil, low carbon or renewable technologies are recommended). It is a Government-funded initiative and the scheme is managed by Eaga. Click here (or go to ) for more details aboiut the scheme. Or you can call us for more information.

Other cost-saving benefits:

New boilers have rated efficiencies of 90 per cent or more meaning that they use less fuel, resulting in lower CO2 emissions and running costs. Renewable heat technologies do not use fossil fuels, reducing CO2 emissions still further.

For example, this means by upgrading your G-rated boiler to an A-rated one, your household heating bill should drop by about a quarter - a saving, on average, of around 235 a year.

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