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The STORMSAVER rainwater harvesting system.

Special inclusions to the system for children's educational benefits in school.

Educating future generations on the need for water conservation and sustainable development is important to Stormsaver.

The Stormsaver Education Pack – aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils - has been written and designed by us in conjunction with local authorities and primary school teachers and relates to the National Curriculum.

The Education Pack - which includes a Monitoring Unit and Activities Book - is the only educational tool for rainwater recovery of its kind in the UK.

Once the Stormsaver Rainwater Harvesting System is installed into the school, the monitoring unit can be set up.

Ther Stormsaver rainwater harvesting monitor screen     Educational Monitoring Unit

The unit is installed in the school entrance hall.  The visual display shows:

1.  How much rainwater is used each day (this can be manually reset by the pupils),

2.  How much rainwater in total has been used since commissioning, and

3.  How much mains water in total has been used since commissioning

This information can be used by pupils for projects and will also show the school’s achievements in water conservation for visitors, staff, parents and governors.


Stormsaver’s Educational Activities Book

The book includes information sheets, quizzes, case studies, badges and pens. Children are guided through the activities by the cartoon character “Molly Monsoon”.

The comprehensive Teacher’s Notes reference everything in the book to the National Curriculum.

The Stormsaver rainwater harvesting education activity pack

Demonstration System

Stormsaver can provide a demonstration system, designed to support sustainable education requirements in the National Curriculum.

This system includes an above-ground storage tank with a clear viewing panel, a Stormsaver processor unit and multi-stage filtration.

Suitable for supplying a small toilet block, the demonstration system is ideal for schools that are keen to integrate water conservation into lessons but lack the funding for a full installation.

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