As a wide-ranging and experienced plumbing and heating services company it will come as no surprise that our clients are varied. We cater for domestic and commercial and also provide multi-site services for landlords and property maintenance companies.
We are also very interested in modern and intelligent solutions to the problems facing all of us in today's world. Rising energy and utility bills is just one problem. The other modern problem is waste. Due to global reductions in fresh water supply and energy costs associated with cleaning water it will become more and more anti-social to waste water. Both issues (rising costs and wastage) can be combated with medium and long-term strategies using solar energy and rainwater harvesting.

Rainwater harvesting has come of age. We can show you how our systems can deliver water to your washing machine and toilet flushing systems, all round your home. You need never worry about the waste of your washing machine again. And you may find the annual water usage of your washer is huge. MORE


Central heating services
take up a large portion of our workload. We fit new boilers and service and repair existing ones. As well as domestic work we have landlords and property maintenance companies on our books. Call us for associated work as well, such as installation of radiators, moving boilers to other locations, emergencies, etc.

Solar panelling. If it isn't something you have thought about yet, it probably will be soon. With the price of installation coming down all the time it is getting faster to recoup investment in the system. Call us for our quote and compare it to others but be careful about which system you choose. There are many and some are inferior to others. It will also be important to choose a system that matches the needs of your home or business premises. MORE

Bathroom and wet room installations are of critical importance to our core business. It's a chance to show off our high level of workmanship. And no matter where your water comes in from (mains or rainwater) and how it is heated (gas or solar) it's got to look great inside. MORE

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FOCUS (2021) for Southville BS3

Cellar Conversion Service

Do you live in Southville, BS3? A very high percentage of houses already have flag-stoned cellars that are just waiting to be opened up and converted into usable space. An alternative to loft conversion or additional to.

With our cellar conversions, you can add any of the following:

Windows for natural light and ventilation
(we have a range of ideas and suggestions that might surprise you about how to get a window in)

Bathroom and Shower Room
Can be installed in your cellar. With pumps and plumbing systems we can install either completely below ground level

Laundry Room
Yes indeed. We can install washing machine and drier below ground level

Den or play room
Our cellar conversion will give you room space that is decorated in the same way and to the same standard as the rest of your home. Completely dry, aired, safe and heated by your existing heating system.



How does it compare to loft conversion?
Usually cheaper!

Can I extend TV aerials, phoneline, network cable, radiators, etc all down there?
Yes, everything.

Is it safe?
We will advise you on council regulations for safety and escape.

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